Andy's Matrix

My digital universe in constant creative motion

Sound Designer
Sound design is very much like music to me.  Instead of a strict metrical timebase and mathematical structure of harmonic content,  this “music” is in the form of organized chaos, and a more natural perspective of our reality.

Music for me is an expression of ones true self.  It is another language to describe ones thoughts, emotions, feelings, and philosophies.  Having a rhythmic center, the listener is able to get in sync with the “vibe” of the composition and enter into another state of being.

Video Editor
Having a background in music and audio has helped me transition easily into the video spectrum.  Starting out with photo and video montages, and now working for broadcast television, I have found a whole new way to express myself and ability to expand my horizons. 

Graphic Artist
Graphics have always been another part of my creative being.  Expressing a whole new dimension of spirit and vitality, my visions created using digital tools of todays multiprocessor machines, open the viewers mind into a new way of percieving the universe.

Bringing people to understand music and art with their hands and minds.   One eventually finds that experiencing pure musical creation can be quite fun.  Especially when creating with an Apple device. :)


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